Thursday, March 06, 2008

16. Where I am now...

I haven't posted here for about 10 months, but I wanted to let my blog know that my health is still improving. I don't know if anyone will ever read this, but it's a good record for me.

Well, it was in May of 2007 that I last wrote about the candida diet I was on - which temporarily helped, but not for long... The next month I cried out to God in desperation because of the bm difficulties that were still pestering me and the following morning I found a website that talked about juice fasting. I was about to try that next, even bought a book about it... and so I clicked on the link and looked around a bit to see what I could learn about juice fasting. The site address was and because my mind was pretty foggy, all I did was look at the pictures and listen to the single short video. (Since then, newer videos have been put up)

I asked my husband to do some research on the site since my mind was particularly foggy. He thought it was a good idea and that's all it took to convince me that the process could actually help me - and help is what I found. If anyone wants to cleanse and do it properly, after all my experimenting, reading, testing, and failures, I can say I'm pretty sure that this site has very good info. The program involves a series of four - seven day cleanses (with juice fasting), taken over a period of a few years, I've only been through two cleanses so far; but what a difference it's made!!!

I found that there is no quick fix - like everything else I'd been trying - this program turned out to be long process but it seems like a more permanent fix. Doesn't that make sense though? I've been 50 years with this body and have tried many diets and exercises in my attempt to stay fit. I've had my bouts with junk food and laziness and then on top of all the damage I did to myself, there was the damage of toxic chemicals like mercury ... and who knows what else, wrecking havoc on my organs.

The GOOD NEWS is, that our bodies are magnificent "machines" - they always want to come back to a healthy state - and when we give them what they need to work with, they can fix themselves!!! And that's what this program is doing - it's providing me with the information and guidance I need to help my body to fix itself. My health is truly improving in wonderful ways.

The urls below are posts that I made at the HPS forum after my two cleanses - anyone can read them, just copy and paste into your browser.

In short, I feel like they've given me my life back. One of the great side effects of this cleansing process was that I lost those 20 pesky extra pounds, and over 1/2 year has passed and they're still gone!

So, that's it for now.

And, if you haven't gotten the mercury taken out of your body - please do it; it's one of the many things that will help you to regain your health.


Oh, I've started painting again (that's how great I feel) Here's a pic of one of this year's paintings:

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